Friday, December 4, 2015

Yoga at the museum

Starting this Monday, we are going to begin hosting yoga at the museum amongst our wonderful exhibits. Depending on the interest, we will host yoga every Monday (except for during university breaks when classes are not in session.) Sessions begin at noon until 12:45 p.m. The session lands right over your lunch hour so it's very convenient.

Yoga is for museum patrons (all SIU students, faculty, staff and community members.) Pre-pay $40 for four classes or $12 for individual drop-ins. Check or cash only please.

Mercedes Gomez, a certified yoga instructor, will lead the sessions. Beginners and advanced yogis are welcome.

See you Monday!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Blacksmithing Students at the Museum's Archive

Art & Design Professor Rick Smith brought his blacksmithing students to the University Museum Archive on September 16 to view the Museum's collection of metal objects.  The Museum has an extensive collection of tools related to blacksmithing and agriculture. 

Do you lead or take part in a class (or group) and want to see if the University Museum's holdings might be of interest? Contact the University Museum staff and we'll be happy to show you our collection.

Rick Smith talking about the anvils in the Museum's history collection.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Donation of a Fred Myers' Sculpture

Jody Cagle, daughter of former University Museum Director Fred Cagle, presented the Museum with Southern Illinois folk artist Fred Myers' Slave this past July.  Fred Myers (1910-1950) carved Slave out of black walnut, the artist's favorite material. 

Jody Cagle, holding Fred Myers' Slave

Though he lived a short life, Fred Myers created 120 sculptures, many for the Works Progress Administration at the University Museum during the Great Depression. During this time, Myers worked under Fred Cagle and satirized his boss’ demanding ways in this sculpture. 

The University Museum owns the bulk of the Myers’ production as a WPA artist.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Congrats to our Outstanding Museum Studies Student

Kimberley Borgerson was selected as "Outstanding Museum Studies Student" for 2015 by the Southern Illinois Association of Museums. She was given the award and a check for $100 from the organization at their annual meeting on August 15 in Anna, Illinois. This is the 7th year SIAM has given the award.

Kimberley Borgerson is a graduate of Elk Grove High School and earned her B.A. degree in History with museum studies and anthropology minors at SIU. She previously worked at the Elk Grove Historical Museum as both a volunteer and paid staff person. We came to know her as a student Museum Studies courses. According to Dona Bachman, director of the University Museum at SIU, Kim was one of the most thorough and conscientious students in her class. From 2013-2014 she was an Undergraduate Assistant working on organizing the University Museum’s library and records. She also served as Vice President of two related RSOs: the Museum Student Group and the Art History Association. In 2015, she entered the Master of Public Administration program with an emphasis on Museum Studies at SIU. This Summer, she is completing an internship with the Frank Lloyd Wright Trust. She will also be a Graduate Assistant under Susannah Munson, the Museum’s curator, in the upcoming school year.

Here is Kimberley with the President of SIAM, Vickie Devenport

Thursday, July 16, 2015

South Hall Renovations

Things are moving along with the renovations in the University Museum's South Hall. There will be renovations taking place in the South Hall galleries through December 2015.

This summer the South Hall has been closed to the public but below is a sneak peak of the progress so far. Workers are replacing the old HVAC system, a much needed upgrade. All of the Faner building will have a new HVAC system in the next few years. With the upgrade, the museum will be able to provide more climate control in the exhibit areas.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Re-organizing the archive

Things are getting into shape at the University Museum's archive. Yesterday, Dona Bachman, the director of the University Museum and Alison Erazmus, Curator of Exhibits, visited the archive with a tour by Susannah Munson, Curator of Anthropology. Susannah oversees the collection at our off campus storage building; what we at the museum call 'the archive.' This summer, Susannah and her staff are re-organizing the archive and it is looking good.

Many visitors of the University Museum see only the galleries in Faner. But, we often host a variety of groups who take tours of our large archive to see all the works not on display at the museum. Contact Susannah Munson if you or your class wish to take a tour of our archive to see more of what the University Museum has to offer.